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Terminal Spring Widely Used In The World Of Electrical And Electronic Engineering Industry
Oct 27, 2017

Spring devices of the new terminal, has been widely used in the world of electrical and electronic engineering industry: lighting, elevator lift control, instrumentation, power, chemical and automotive power.

Terminal spring connection advantages

1, security

Plastic parts modified with flame retardant insulating material nylon PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0), flexible components made of high quality stainless steel. Long life, no corrosion, anti-aging, pressure 4KV, temperature 105 ℃ normal work. Metal parts using high-quality brass, phosphor bronze, steel, were plated with tin, nickel, zinc and other protective layer.

2, reliability

The spring clamp technology is reliable and does not fall off. As the tightening force can be automatically adjusted with the wire thickness, so that the wire contact is reliable, not affected by the installation technology. Therefore, the spring-type connector can at any time, in any case make the wire connection reliable, anti-vibration and maintenance-free.

3, high efficiency

In the use of no tools, a plug can be, greatly reduce the wiring work time, when used to send technology connector than the traditional way to increase the efficiency of more than 80%. Each product has installed test holes, installation, testing, easy maintenance and can save more than 50% of the product assembly time.

4, the scope of application

The use of a flexible device of a non-threaded connection of the new type, a wide range of pressure lines, pressure range from 0.25 mm2 to 16mm2, in practice, have a strong practicality. Can be specifically used in control, input / output and field wiring, lighting systems, instrumentation, communications equipment, power and other industrial products.

Terminal spring subdivision class

First, butterfly spring PCB (printed circuit board) terminal

1. Horizontal direction wiring and vertical direction limit for the basic type.

2. Closed terminal with no dovetail keyway can be used as end plate.

3. The NCFF / ... terminal can be pre-installed with multiple combinations according to the user's requirements.

Second, pull back spring PCB (printed circuit board) terminal

1. The wiring surface of the NCZF terminal [1] is beveled and is very easy to operate.

2. The type of terminal pitch is 3.81 and 5.08mm, rated voltage up to 250V.

3. Terminal housing with two solder pins, to ensure that the contact of the solid.

4. This type of terminal sub-lever with no operating lever and two models.

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