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Terminal Spring Widely Used In The World Electrical And Electronic Engineering Industry
Sep 05, 2017

Spring-type device of the new terminal, has been widely used in the world of electrical and electronic engineering industry: lighting, elevator lifting control, instrumentation, power, chemical and automotive power.

Advantages of Spring terminal wiring

1, security

Plastic parts using flame-retardant insulating material modified nylon PA66 (flame retardant Grade: UL94, V-0), elastic components made of high-quality stainless steel. Long life, no corrosion, aging resistance, pressure 4KV, temperature 105 ℃ normal work. Metal parts using high-quality brass, phosphor copper, steel, respectively, plated with tin, nickel, zinc and other protective layer.

2. Reliability

The spring clamp technology is reliable and does not fall off. Because the fastening force can be adjusted automatically with the wire thickness, the wire contact is reliable and not affected by the installation technology. Therefore, the spring connector can be used at any time, in any case, to connect the wire reliably, anti-vibration and maintenance-free.

3. High-efficiency

In the use of no tools, a plug can greatly reduce the wiring work time, the use of science and technology connectors than the traditional connection efficiency increased by more than 80%. Each product has installed test holes, installation, testing, maintenance convenient and can save more than 50% of the product assembly time.

4. Application Range

A new type of thread-free connection with a flexible device, with a wide range of pressure and pressure range from 0. mm2 to 16mm2, in the actual operation has a strong practicality. Can be specifically used in control, input/output and on-site wiring, lighting systems, instrumentation, communications equipment, power and other industrial products.

Operation principle

Part of the line is pressed tightly and then inserted into another part, which is soldered to the PCB board.

The mechanical principle of the bottom, this anti-vibration design ensures the product's long-term gas tight connection and the use of finished products reliability. Socket can be assembled at both ends of the ear, assembly ears to a large extent can protect the patch and can prevent the placement of poor, and the socket design can ensure that the socket can be properly inserted into the matrix. The socket can also have the assembly buckle and the locking buckle.

The assembly buckle can be more firmly fixed to the PCB board, locking the buckle can be installed after the completion of locking the mother and socket.

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