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Terminal Spring Belong To One Of The Plug-in Terminals
Oct 12, 2017

The terminal spring is one of the specifications of the plug-in terminal, and the mounting principle is consistent with the use of the spring receptacle terminal, which is tightened and then inserted into the other part, which is soldered to the PCB. This bottom of the mechanical principle, the anti-vibration design to ensure that the product of long-term air-tight connection and the use of finished products reliability. The receptacle can be fitted with an ear at both ends to assemble the ear to a large extent to protect the tab and to prevent the tab from being misaligned, while the socket design ensures that the socket can be properly inserted into the female. The socket can also have a mounting fastener and a locking button. The mounting fastener can be secured more securely to the PCB, and the locking tab can lock the maternal and sockets after installation is complete.

Wire connection

In the system engineering installation on the connection between the terminal and the wire often because of some small details of the operation and affect the entire system of security and reliability, the following matters is the need to pay attention to the place.

1. Multi-strand core of the thread, should be further tightened, and then connected with the terminal;

2. To distinguish the phase of the terminal, you need to distinguish between the wire phase sequence before connecting;

3. Small cross-section aluminum wire and aluminum terminal, in the connection before the need to clean the oxide layer;

4. Large cross-section aluminum wire and copper terminal connection should be used copper and aluminum transition joints;

5. Between the conductor insulation and the terminal, should maintain the appropriate distance;

6. Soft wire and terminal connection, not allowed to appear multi-strand core loose, broken and exposed and so on;

7. Threads and terminals must be connected flat and solid and reliable, to minimize contact resistance.

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