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Spring Mechanical Parts That Use Elasticity To Work
Sep 05, 2017

Spring is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. The parts made of elastic materials are deformed under external forces, and the original condition is removed after the external force. It is usually made of spring steel. The type of spring is complex and diverse, according to the shape of the main spiral spring, scroll spring, plate spring, shaped spring and so on.

For the spring industry, has long formed a low-grade ordinary spring oversupply, high-grade products (high-strength, high stress, the opposite sex, special materials) The passive situation of demand. At present, the production of spring industry in China has been saturated, according to expert statistics now China Spring annual production has reached 4 billion, all kinds of spring products a total of 21 categories, more than 1600 varieties, mainly valve spring, suspension spring, diaphragm spring, damping spring, hydraulic spring, oil pump spring, dish spring, high temperature spring, card spring, Pull spring, torsion spring, pressure spring, vortex coil spring and opposite sex spring.

Material application

Most materials have varying degrees of elasticity, and if they bend, they will recover their original form with great strength. In human history, it must have been noted early that the branches of saplings and young trees have great flexibility, because many primitive cultures use this feature to wedge a stick behind a specially crafted door or cage, or to pull down on a pole with a slip knot, the stick or rod will bounce back once the tension is loosened. They use this method to catch animals and birds. In fact, the bow is the spring that utilizes the elasticity of the young tree in this way; In the Middle Ages, the idea began to appear mechanically, such as looms, lathes, drills, mills and saws. The author uses the hand or pedal plate to give the downward pressure stroke, pulls the work machinery downward, then with the rope fixed in the machine the rod bounces back, produces the reciprocating movement.

Spring classification

By force of nature, spring can be divided into stretching spring, compression spring, torsion spring and bending spring, according to the shape can be divided into disc spring, annular spring, plate spring, helical spring, truncated cone spring and torsion bar spring, according to the production process can be divided into cold coil spring and hot coil spring. Ordinary cylindrical spring is easy to manufacture, and it can be made into various types according to the condition of loading, the structure is simple, so the application is widest. In general, the manufacturing materials of spring should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance, etc., commonly used are carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless steel spring and copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber. The manufacturing method of spring has cold roll method and hot coil method. The coil method with a spring wire diameter less than 8 mm is generally used as a cold roll method, which is larger than 8 mm. Some springs are made after the pressure or shot peening treatment, can improve the load-bearing capacity of the spring.

According to "China Spring manufacturing industry and sales demand and investment forecast analysis report," Statistics, spring can be divided into the following 7 categories:

1, Helical spring is torsion spring, is to withstand torsion deformation of the spring, its working part is also close to spiral shape. Torsion spring ends are machined into various shapes of torsion arms rather than Shan.

2. The tensile spring is a helical spring bearing axial tension. In the absence of load, the tension spring between the circle and the circle is generally tight and there is no gap.

3, compression spring is to withstand the pressure of the helical spring, it uses more than the material section of the circle, also useful rectangular and many strands of steel coil, spring is generally equal to the pitch, the shape of the compression spring has: cylindrical, conical, middle convex and concave and a small number of non-circular and so on, compression spring circle and Circle will have a certain gap, When subjected to external load, the spring shrinks and deforms, storing and deforming energy.

4, torsion spring utilizes the lever principle, through to the material soft, the toughness larger elastic material distorts or rotates, causes it to have the extremely mechanical energy.

5, Progressive Spring, this spring with a thickness, the design of uneven density, the advantage is that under pressure can be reduced through the partial absorption of the road surface fluctuations, to ensure a comfortable ride, when the pressure increases to a certain extent after the rough part of the spring to support the role of the body, and this spring's disadvantage is the control of feeling not directly, Poor accuracy.

6, linear spring, linear spring from the top to bottom of the thickness, density unchanged, the elastic coefficient is fixed value. The design of the spring can enable vehicles to obtain a more stable and linear dynamic response, in favor of the driver better control of the vehicle, more for the performance of the modified vehicle and competitive vehicles, the disadvantage of course is the comfort of the affected.

7, short spring short spring compared to the original spring, and more robust, the installation of short springs, can effectively reduce the body center of gravity, reduce the cornering caused by bending, so that the cornering more stable, smooth, improve vehicle cornering control. And the original damper set of damping bias comfort, so short spring and the original shock absorber in cooperation is not very stable, it can not effectively inhibit the rebound and compression of short springs, driving in the bumpy road, there will be a feeling of discomfort, in the long run, the shock absorber life will be greatly shortened, and there may be leakage of oil. Of course, these conditions are relatively relative, daily travel will not have such a serious damage, and try not to drive fiercely, after all, the original shock absorber is not able to withstand high load pressure.

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