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Spring Height, Load Capacity And Spring Stiffness Options
Aug 11, 2017

  Spring height, load capacity and spring stiffness options:

  Design, can be independent of each other, the range is quite wide selection of spring height, load capacity and spring stiffness, access to extremely soft spring characteristics.

  Spring height: the use of height control valve, according to the use of appropriate control of the height of the air spring, spring load changes in the case to maintain a certain height.

  Carrying capacity: for the same size of the rubber air spring, change the internal pressure, can get different carrying capacity, carrying capacity is roughly proportional to the internal pressure. This will achieve the same kind of rubber air spring can meet a variety of load requirements.

  Spring stiffness: When designing the rigidity of a rubber air spring, it can be chosen by changing the internal pressure of the spring. The stiffness is proportional to the internal pressure. Therefore, the rigidity can be chosen as low as necessary. For a rubber air spring , The stiffness is variable, it changes with the load changes, so under any load, the natural frequency is almost unchanged, so it can be supported by the system has almost invariable performance.

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