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Spring Function
Jul 18, 2017

  Spring function

  ① control the movement of machinery, such as internal combustion engine in the valve spring, clutch control spring and so on. ② absorb vibration and shock energy, such as cars, train cars

  Under the buffer shock absorption, coupling in the vibration spring and so on. ③ storage and output energy as a driving force, such as clocks and springs, spring in the firearms and so on. ④ used as force

  Components such as dynamometers, springs in spring scales, and so on. Spring load and deformation ratio is called the spring stiffness, the greater the stiffness, the harder the spring.

  The type of spring

  According to the nature of the force, can be divided into tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs and bending springs; according to the shape can be divided into disc springs, ring springs,

  Spin spring, cut cone scroll spring and torsion bar spring. Ordinary cylindrical spring as a result of simple manufacturing, and can be made according to the load of various types, simple structure

  , So the most widely used Spring manufacturing materials should generally have a high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance, commonly used

  There are carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless steel spring and copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber. Spring manufacturing methods are cold roll and hot roll method. bomb

  The diameter of the wire is less than 8 mm in general, using a cold roll method, greater than 8 mm. Some of the spring after making the pressure or shot peening can be improved

  Spring carrying capacity.

  What is a coil spring?

  The coil spring, the torsion spring, is a spring that is subjected to torsional deformation. Its working part is also tightly wound in a spiral. The end structure of the torsion spring is processed into each

  Kind of shape of the arm, not hook ring. Torsional springs are commonly used in machinery in the balance of institutions, in the automotive, electrical and other industrial production is widely used

  What is the tension spring

  The tension spring is a coil spring that receives axial tension, and the tension spring is generally made of circular cross-section material. Do not bear the load, the tension of the spring circle and circle

  There is no gap between the general and tight.

  What is a compression spring?

  Compression spring is to withstand the pressure of the coil spring, it uses the material section is mostly round, but also useful rectangular and multi-stranded steel system, the spring is generally equal

  The shape of the compression spring is: cylindrical, conical, convex and concave and a small amount of non-circular, etc., compression spring between the circle and a certain

  Of the gap, when subjected to external load when the spring shrinkage deformation, storage deformation energy.

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