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Spring Action And Classification
Oct 12, 2017

A spring is a mechanical part that works with elasticity. Parts made of elastic material under the action of external deformation, remove the external force and then restore the original state. Generally made of spring steel. The type of spring complex and diverse, according to the shape points, mainly coil spring, scroll spring, leaf spring, shaped spring and so on.


(1) to control the movement of machinery, such as internal combustion engine in the valve spring, clutch control spring and so on.

(2) to absorb vibration and shock energy, such as cars, train cars under the buffer spring, the coupling of the vibration spring.

(3) storage and output energy as a driving force, such as clocks and springs, spring in the firearms and so on.

(4) used as force components, such as dynamometer, spring scales in the spring and so on. Spring load and deformation ratio is called the spring stiffness, the greater the stiffness, the harder the spring. The spring is a kind of elastic element widely used in the mechanical and electronic industry. The spring can produce large elastic deformation when the load is loaded, the mechanical work or kinetic energy is transformed into the deformation energy, and the deformation of the spring disappears and returns to the original state. Deformation energy can be converted into mechanical work or kinetic energy.

(5) Measurement function We know that in the elastic limit, the spring elongation (or contraction) is proportional to the external force. Use spring to make the spring scale.

(6) the pressure function to observe a variety of electrical switches will find that the switch of the two contacts, there must be a spring with a spring to ensure that the two close contact, is good conduction. If the contact is poor, the resistance at the contact becomes larger, and the heat generated when the current passes becomes larger, and when it is severe, it is the metal melting at the contact. The two metal posts of the bayonet lamp are both spring and spring for good contact. As for the center metal sheet of the screw cap and all the plugs of the socket are reed, the function is to make the two sides in close contact With good. In the cassette tape, there is a phosphor bronze reed, using its bending deformation caused by the elastic force so that the magnetic head and tape in close contact. In the stapler there is a long coil spring its role on the one hand is the top of the staple, on the other hand is when the front of the nail was launched, you can send the back of the nail to the forefront to provide a comfortable push, In this way, you can automatically push a nail to the front, until the nail all launched so far. Many machines automatically feed, automatic rifles in the bullet automatically loaded by the spring of this function. In addition, clip-like clothes, ball-point pen, pen clip on the clip are using the spring of the pressure function caught in the clothes.

(7) reset the function of the spring under the action of external deformation, remove the external force, the spring will be able to restore the state. Many tools and equipment are used to reset the nature of the spring. For example, many buildings on the hinges are equipped with a reset spring when people come in and out, the door will automatically reset. People also use this feature made of automatic umbrella, automatic pencil and other supplies, very convenient. In addition, a variety of buttons and buttons and ultimately reset the spring.

(8) to drive the function of mechanical watches and clocks, clockwork toys are driven by tightening the clockwork. When the winding is tightened when the winding produces a bending deformation, storage of a certain potential energy potential. After the release, the elastic potential energy into kinetic energy, driven by the transmission device. The toy gun and the starting gun and the * branch are also working with one of the properties of the spring.

(9) buffer function in the locomotive car frame and the wheel between the spring, the use of spring elasticity to slow down the vehicle bumps. Vibrating sound function When the air from the harmonica, the accordion in the spring hole flow, the impact reed, reed vibration sound.

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