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Rubber Spring Production Process Occurs How To Deal With High Fever
Jul 18, 2017

  Rubber spring production process occurs how to deal with high fever

  After the rubber spring is molded, we need to heat it, which is commonly known as quenching, but this treatment can not be more than twice, because we want to ensure that the rubber spring hardness is maintained within a certain range is in line with the provisions of the spring The After the heat treatment, we have to analyze the depth of the delamination of the rubber, followed by the rubber spring of the strong pressure, which will make the rubber spring free height size is very stable, but to maintain the limits of the range within the range. After the same rubber molding we also need to surface treatment, to strengthen the surface hardness, usually the way for the shot peening method; there is one of the most common anti-corrosion treatment, after the skin galvanized, oxidized or phosphated three Way to form any one of the surface protective film, and to check whether the surface of the rubber burr, etc., if you have to clean up as soon as possible, is likely to affect the use of the spring.

  Usually we use the rubber spring, we must not forget the maintenance, as long as the maintenance can ensure that the normal use of rubber springs and long-term life guarantee. The same time as the above-

  Rubber springs used in small diesel engines, when we use a small diesel engine, we want to avoid the rubber spring it will be long-term stretch of the state, so long-term will make the rubber spring elastic become increasingly weak.

  Although the rubber spring elasticity is its advantage, but also can not afford this consumption; we also rubber parts of the rubber parts of the regular cleaning to ensure that it will not be affected by bacteria and dust dip, a serious impact on the speed Work and even lead to personal safety hazards Rubber spring maintenance need special attention, can not be maintained too much can not care, for the rubber spring life we should do a full maintenance to ensure that the use of rubber springs to maximize efficiency.

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