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Rubber Spring Comparison Of The General Difference Between The Spring And Where?
Aug 11, 2017

  Rubber spring comparison of the general difference between the spring and where?

  The application of rubber springs more and more common. Covering the industry more and more widely.Why rubber spring can replace the metal spring. Rubber spring and metal spring what are the differences? The following for everyone to analyze the difference between rubber springs and metal springs The

  A, elastic modulus is small, can be a greater elastic deformation.

  B, rubber spring installation and removal of convenience, conducive to maintenance and repair.

  C, with a high internal resistance, the impact of sudden shock and high frequency vibration absorption effect.

  D, rubber spring can withstand multi-directional load.

  E, shape is not restricted.

  F, rubber spring elastic coefficient is much smaller than the metal, and with the hardness changes in a wide range of changes, so change the rubber hardness, can make the spring to obtain different stiffness, that is, the same shape of the rubber spring, its stiffness can also In a certain range of selection. Therefore, changing the internal structure of the spring (changing the size of the center hole, etc.) can also change the stiffness of the spring.

  G, the internal friction damping of the rubber spring is much greater than the metal spring, so the rubber spring vibrating screen machine starts to stop through the resonance area, the amplitude is much smaller than the coil spring vibrating screen machine, so the use of rubber spring near resonance vibration Machine, its amplitude is relatively stable, but the energy consumption than the metal spring to large.

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