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Pogo Pin Connector Long Service Life Long Volume
Oct 12, 2017

In order to compensate for the difficulties of ordinary connectors, for the extremely harsh environment, the connector manufacturers continue to develop and update, research and development of new equipment, so that connectors can support the connection in harsh environments Mode, this new interface is called the spring pin connector. The following together to understand the spring pin connector.

The main role of the spring needle connector is determined by the application of the equipment, it must have a certain degree of resistance and unique use. The generation and development of spring-pin connectors is due to the fact that traditional connectors are susceptible to damage in harsh environments, resulting in reduced efficiency, but for such an environment, whether they are repaired or replaced, they are costly and Inconvenient effect, so in this case the spring pin connector gradually replaced the ordinary connector.

Spring needle relative to the ordinary connector, has a long life, small size, easy installation and replacement advantages. The connectors used in electronic devices are mainly installed on smart devices such as mobile phones. The design and installation of spring-pin connectors on these devices are very different, and this is also a significant addition to the universal use of spring-loaded connectors. Big difficulty. The main function of the spring pin connector is the connection of the intelligent device hardware, the transmission of information and signals, the need for pogopin connector integration, this new design, greatly reducing the spring pin connector supplies loss.

The development and progress of the spring needle connector will be a major reform and progress in the industrial use of the connector, which will lay a good foundation for the development of our industry and provide a great convenience for our life. Under this you have no more understanding of the spring pin connector.

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