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Improper Use Of Spring Wire Can Affect Life
Nov 03, 2017

Improper use of spring wire, there will be the following situation:

Wear and tear This is a common phenomenon. The use of properly constructed steel wire ropes ensures that wear is only a secondary factor of damage and lubrication helps reduce wear.

Broken wire. Spring wire is the end of the common phenomenon of life, caused by bending fatigue and wear. Partial broken wires may indicate mechanical defects in the equipment. Correct lubrication improves the fatigue performance of the wire rope.

Deformation: Often the result of mechanical damage, if severe, the length of the rope can be greatly affected. Rust Description Lack of proper lubrication leading to corrosion. In some cases, the outer surface of the wire will appear obvious point rust marks, and ultimately there will be broken wire.

Internal corrosion: appears in the lack of lubrication or the wrong way. The reduction in pulp often causes the observer to speculate on this point, only through the calipers or the correct use of rivets to open the wire rope for internal inspection to confirm the judge.

Unwinding: Due to excessive tilt angle or loose winding, mechanical damage may result. Serious extrusion may result in sudden load during operation.

Tilting angle is too large: Will cause friction between the spring wire and cause serious wear. Damage to the spring wire at the end of the wire may be manifested in broken wires. The outer layer and the inner wire broken wire is the typical embodiment of the fatigue of the hanging rope into the sleeve part. The lack of proper lubrication inside will aggravate the problem.

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