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Analysis Of Rubber Spring Stiffness
Aug 11, 2017

  Analysis of Rubber Spring Stiffness

  The stiffness of the rubber spring, in addition to the geometrical shape of the spring, depends primarily on the size of the elastic modulus (E-3C) from the material point of view and the natural frequency of the damping system varies with stiffness, so the key is to adjust And control the elastic modulus of the rubber. Rubber elastic modulus and hardness there is a certain relationship. The damping characteristics of the rubber are another characteristic of it. Rubber springs not only damping, but also to avoid resonance. But the damping also has a negative side of the rubber heat, because the damping effect is mainly in the deformation of the rubber when the internal friction generated, it can make mechanical energy into heat, but also make the spring deformation hysteresis.

  Rubber air spring structure similar to the tire, divided into outer, inner and ply three layers. The role of different rubber layers, the use of rubber and performance is not the same. The outer rubber acts as a protective layer and should therefore be a rubber layer that is resistant to oil, resistant to aging, resistant to flexion, good adhesion to the cord and high tensile strength. The inner rubber needs to be resistant to aging, low permeability and good adhesion to the cord. The ply rubber needs to be resistant to flexion, heat resistance and high adhesion to the cord.

  The use of rubber springs in lifting equipment

  General lifting equipment used in the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder for lifting objects, the need for large installation space, manufacturing difficulties, heavy weight, prone to leakage, maintenance inconvenience. The use of air rubber spring as a lifting device lifting element, to overcome the traditional shortcomings of lifting equipment, no maintenance, long life, easy to operate replacement. So the air rubber spring on the lifting equipment is gradually replacing the cylinder product.

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