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A Spring Is A Mechanical Part That Works With Elasticity
Oct 09, 2017

A spring is a mechanical part that works with elasticity. Generally made of spring steel. The spring is small, but it is widely used in machine, instrument, and application field. It is widely used as a general foundation piece, large quantity and variety. It is used to control the movement of the parts, ease the impact or vibration, storage energy, Almost all areas of the national economy. In recent years, the rapid development of China's national economy has also led to the rapid growth of China's spring industry, experts predict that this growth will continue, by 2010 the industry will exceed 40 billion yuan sales. According to the analysis, the current demand for spring products in the market there are five blocks: transportation, daily hardware, instrumentation and electronic appliances, industrial and mining accessories, overseas export market.

The driving force of the transportation market is the strongest

Transportation market, including the automotive, motorcycle, diesel and railways and other industries to provide supporting and maintenance pieces of spring, which is the spring industry is the most important and most promising market, sales close to 40% of the industry, only the automotive industry 2002 suspension spring demand for 7 million, valve spring 100 million (including motorcycles, diesel engine manufacturing), stable bar 1.2 million. 2002 for these industries supporting and providing maintenance pieces of spring total sales of more than 1 billion yuan.

In the next five to seven years, China's auto industry will enter a high-speed growth stage, the annual growth rate will remain at 15% to 25%, 2003 suspension spring demand is expected to close to 10 million, stable pole demand 1.6 million. The rapid development of the automotive industry has a significant pulling effect on the spring industry, has become the largest spring industry users, and caused the attention of foreign spring counterparts, in addition to the first step into the Chinese market several foreign, joint ventures, the recent Japanese winding Co., Ltd., Central Clockwork Co., Ltd. also entered China, to have a place in this market.

There is also a spring industry, a major potential market is the railway system, with the deepening of the railway system reform, the market gradually open to the outside world and the implementation of high-speed railway planning, vehicle damping system is facing upgrading, the railway line to install a new type of noise reduction Components, will bring a huge business opportunities for the spring industry, enterprises have been listed as high-speed rail train parts of the railway department, there are units in the development of rubber metal composite spring for high-speed railway track vibration and noise reduction. At present the railway system market has just begun to open the external system, although the degree of openness is not large, but the potential is considerable.

In the next few years, the motorcycle industry will not have a great growth, will maintain the current annual output of 13 million level, motorcycle shock absorber spring and clutch spring demand remained at 50 million and 40 million level, while the environment The requirements of the increase, the proportion of two-stroke motorcycle down, four-stroke ratio increased, will bring a certain increase in the valve spring.

Daily hardware market demand

Daily necessities and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness machines, mattresses, sofas, etc., on the number of spring demand for the largest, tens of billions of pieces, technical requirements are not high, the price is very Low, generally distributed by the small spring factory throughout the country, they have a unique advantage in cost, large spring plant is difficult to compete with them. In recent years, the domestic market demand for daily hardware products, driven by the growth of supporting springs, and thus from time to time lead to the birth of new spring enterprises in the future, the market demand will be an annual growth rate of 7% to 10%. China's accession to the WTO, the daily exports of hardware products increased significantly, spring demand followed by, but by the international market demand, the impact of trade barriers, the international market has its uncertain side.

Instrument and electrical market began to recover

Instrumentation and electronic appliances spring typical products such as brush spring, switch spring, camera spring, computer keyboard spring, instrument accessories spring, this spring in the leaf spring, guide spring a lot of different product material and technical requirements vary widely The A few years ago the domestic instrumentation, electrical and electronic industry by the impact of imported products, generally sluggish, for its supporting spring manufacturers have been dragged, and recently improved to a recovery.

Industrial and mining products market is adjusted

Industrial and mining products This market from the textile cradle spring to the chemical spring, power station switch and hanger spring, bulldozer spring, etc., covering the transportation industry in addition to other industrial sectors, product materials, technical requirements, process The demand for spring is proportional to the market demand for the means of production and the scale of the infrastructure projects. It has been affected by the industrial structure a few years ago. The market has been in a state of hovering and has recently rebounded, but it has not got rid of the adjustment The situation.

Overseas market has great potential

According to customs statistics, the past two years, China's annual export of 22,000 tons of spring or so, most of the leaf spring, coil spring only a small part of the product structure to daily hardware-based spring, the destination for the Hong Kong and Taiwan region. Mold spring, auto parts spring a small amount of exports to Japan, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia market, but did not really enter the OEM package. In recent years, some US auto companies to reduce procurement costs, including the spring, including auto parts procurement to China, creating a Chinese spring into the US OEM market precedent. With the establishment of China's manufacturing power and the spring industry, the level of technology and product quality improvement, spring export market prospects. It is expected that by 2005 the proportion of export spring products will account for about 5% of the industry output value, exports increased to 70 million US dollars.

According to statistics, industrial products in developed countries accounted for about 15% of the output value of 20% to 20%. From a long-term point of view, China's spring exports there is a great potential market. China's spring enterprises should take concrete actions according to their own situation, such as strengthening cooperation with foreign enterprises, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness, a well-known brands, expand the international influence of products to seize the larger international market Share.

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