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What are the braided copper wire specifications
Jul 15, 2016

Braided copper wire wound-rotor motor in normal operation, three-phase winding resistance introduced by ring shorted. At startup, a series started in the rotor winding resistance, achieve the purpose of reducing the starting current.

Taking into account a wound-rotor motor was replaced, although the start performance can be improved, but it does not fundamentally solve the problem of frequent start of motor and need to replace with new motor, larger investments, energy-saving effect is unsatisfactory. Since starting resistors can be removed piece by piece, the appropriate starting resistor series, you can make the starting torque reaches the maximum torque of the motor and shortens the startup process.

Braided copper wire has a Center stand, equipped with several insulation sheet separated conductive films. Insulator not only insulated, and the dielectric constant and area and thickness are chosen so that it can play a role in capacitance, peak current in the process to work. Made film and insulating ceramic material that are available, so you can get a good wear resistance. In addition, conductive film can also be made with appropriate insulation material with high dielectric constant separated from the ring to form a capacitor.

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