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Popularization of stamping parts categories
Jul 15, 2016

Steel in the world, 60~70% is a plate, most of which was rushed into production. Car's bodywork, chassis, fuel tanks, radiators, boiler steam drum, the shell of the container, motor, electrical iron core silicon steel sheet stamping process. Instruments, household appliances, bicycles, Office machines, containers and other products, there are a large number of stampings.

Stampings and castings, forgings, compared with a thin, uniform, light and strong features. Stamping out other methods is more difficult to make with ribs, rib, rolling or flanging of the workpiece, to increase its rigidity. As a result of precision molds, workpiece precision can reach micron level, and high repeat accuracy, specifications, Wo can punch out holes, bosses, etc.

Cold stamping is no longer subject to machining, or only require a small amount of machining. Precision stamping and cold surfaces below the stampings, but still better than casting, forging, machining less.

Stamping is efficient production methods, using composite mode, especially multi-position progressive die, can be completed in a press multi punching process, achieved by uncoiling-leveling, punching to forming and finishing the product automatically. High efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, producing hundreds of items per minute.

Stamping is mainly classified by process and separation process and forming process can be divided into two broad categories. Separation process also known as punch, the purpose of which is to make the stamping along contour lines must be separated from the sheet, while guaranteeing the separation section of quality requirements. Forming process is designed to enable the sheet without breaking slab of plastic deformation, made into the desired shape and size of the workpiece. In practice, are often a variety of integrated processes applied to a workpiece. Blanking, bending, cutting, deep drawing, hydroforming, spinning, corrections are some of the major stamping process.

Metal stamping parts

Stamping the sheet surface and intrinsic properties on stamping a great influence on the quality of the finished product, need accurate, uniform thickness stamping materials surface, smooth, no spots, no scars, no bruises, no cracks on the surface; the yield strength even without obvious direction; high uniform elongation rate; low yield ratio; work-hardening low.

In practice, common and stamping process similar to the process of testing, such as deep drawing performance tests, performance tests, such as bulging stamping properties of test material, to ensure product quality and a high pass rate.

Die direct effects of stamping forming and precision and accuracy. Mould manufacturing costs and the effect of stamping parts long life cost and quality is an important factor. Mold design and manufacturing needs more time, that extended the new stamping production preparation time.

Die seat, and die frame, and oriented pieces of standardization and development simple mold (for small production), and composite die, and more station level into die (for large production), and development fast for die device, can reduced stamping production prepared workload and shortened prepared time, can makes applies Yu reduced stamping production prepared workload and shortened prepared time, can makes applies Yu big production of advanced stamping technology reasonable to should for small bulk more varieties production.

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