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Importance of electric power fitting
Jul 15, 2016

In the electric power industry in China, a wide range of operations using insulated tools for live working, moisture of insulated tools insulated will greatly decrease crisis strictly to the safety of maintenance personnel. Existing measures is the use of wooden or iron Cabinet or insulated tools insulated tool store inventory rooms or safekeeping. Wood, metal tool cabinets don't have constant moisture for a long time, very hygroscopic, but the Treasury investment, high energy consumption and slow the drying process, especially the less insulated tools, there is no need for insulation tool warehouse. Characteristics of electric power fittings, it also has the function of tools with no condensation, with low energy consumption, economical and timely manner to the pratyekabuddha tools for dehumidification and drying process, meet the needs of rapid reuse, but it also has some dust, loss-proof, moisture-proof function.

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