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How to choose a suitable connector
Jul 15, 2016

A connector running will affect the entire functionality of the equipment, proper electrical connectors to bring about a multiplier effect. So, how to choose a suitable electrical connector? We can consider the following related:
1, the connector type
Connections, where these issues are going to first of all consider, which determines the type of the selected industrial connector. Location of connectors in use (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environments, etc) will affect whether you want to enhance the air plug sealing or insulating body and sheltered housing. Connector type determines the type of Terminal (termination), and arrangements to the number of conductive terminals. Which also involves some terminal technical reference.
2, electric requirements
In the selection of connectors, taking into account the demands of electrical products. What voltage and current requirements of products, the connector can be well applied to the electrical, the electrical requirements of the problem is that we need to consider. In addition, we also need to consider the other conditions: resistance, allowing variation of resistance, millivolt drop, maximum current and maximum voltage values, value of inrush current, the characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plug loss and EMI shielding effectiveness.
3, environmental requirements
Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the electrical connector of the location, and should take into account the location and the intended environment. Other storage conditions shelf (shelf life) and what the information is. Exposition on the environment should also be covered in the shock and vibration requirements, including from the shipping requirements, and environmental conditions such as temperature and duration requirements of welding cycle. Connector manufacturer, connector of confluent type guided by continuous surroundings is the area of highest temperature.
4, mechanical performance requirements
For connectors, what kind of volume and coverage area (footprint) is effective for permissible dimensional tolerances for how much was insertion of terminals and the output is much durability of connector (plug combined with frequency) how? these factors to consider when you are selecting electrical connector. For example: for printed circuit boards, to determine the tolerances of the circuit board is very important, it is the card edge connector (card edge connection) the threshold, as well as the feasibility of reaching critical. For low-power circuits, coating and underlying material must be specified in standard and consistent environment.
5, specification
Connector manufacturers may take approximately 25 test bodies (established by the specification) as a connector source in whole or in part of the test specifications. Applications must take into account the specific case using an appropriate test specification, including the international situation.

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