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Features of stamping parts
Jul 15, 2016

Stamping parts largely sheet metal or Nonmetal, with press pressures by stamping die stamping, it has the following features:

(1) the stamping is on the premise of material consumption is unlikely to, produced by, its parts light weight, stiffness, and after deformation of sheet metal internal organizational structure to improve, the punching strength increases.

(2) stamping parts with precise and modular uniform dimensions, good interchangeability. General Assembly without further machining and application requirements.

(3) stamping stamping process, due to the material's surface from damage, therefore better surface quality, smooth appearance, surface painting, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatment provides convenient conditions.

Design principles (1) design of stamping parts must meet the product and technical performance, and ease of Assembly and repair.

(2) design of stamping parts must be beneficial to increase metal utilization, reduce the variety of materials and specifications, material consumption as low as possible. In case of allowed use of cheap materials, as much as possible blanking parts do no waste and less waste.

(3) stamping parts design must be simple, reasonable structure, number in favour of simplifying the structure, streamlining work procedures, that is, at least, the most simple of the punching process to complete the part of processing, reduce processing by other means, and contribute to stamping operations, organize production mechanization and automation to increase productivity.

(4) design of stamping parts, that can get under normal conditions of use, possible dimensional accuracy and surface roughness level is lower, and conducive to exchange of products, reduce waste, ensure product quality stability.

(5) design of stamping, whenever possible, to use existing equipment, process equipment and process to be processed, and conducive to the extension of the service life of die.

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