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Extensive use of copper braid, you know what?
Jul 15, 2016

Do you want to know the use of copper braid? let us answer your questions below:

Copper woven with main for non-level direction of charged movement and the in the low voltage circuit breaker device in the as power supporting components using, used copper woven with as conductor, ends used copper tube, copper tube surface silver processing, joint size according to customer of requirements supporting production, again through special processing, made soft connection, soft grounding, conductive rate high, anti-fatigue capacity strong, can completely according to customer of needs production, copper of soft connection using high, and low voltage electrical, vacuum electrical, mine with explosion-proof switch and the car, locomotive and the related products for soft connection with;

Copper woven with widely for lost distribution line among, in this circuit equipment and the non-line type of connection in the everywhere: from buck substation put power sent to distribution transformer or will distribution transformer of power sent to electricity units of line called distribution line, China common of distribution line voltage for 0.4kV, and 6kV, and 10kV,6kV, and 10kV said high pressure distribution line; 0.4kV said low voltage distribution line, distribution line of construction requirements security reliable, keep power continuity, reduced line loss, Improving transmission efficiency, ensure power quality good, (1) wire is the main parts of the line, its main function is to transfer electricity, transmission power, (2) wire classification: aluminum wire, copper wire, steel-cored aluminum strand wire, heat-resistant wires, wires, Yin-clad steel wire, carbon fiber wires.

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